Solid Brass Half Roll Buckle

Solid Brass Half Roll Buckle

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Half Roll Buckle: A half buckle has two bars where the leather strap goes over. A roll buckle has a cylinder metal hugging the top bar where the pin rests. This metal roller makes adjusting a lot smoother for and gentler on the leather strap. 

Use this for belts, straps or as closures for satchels.  

Sold per piece


  • 16mm inner width
  • 20mm inner width
  • 25mm inner width


  • solid brass is resistant to corrosion
  • with protective coating to prolong luster and slow down the aging of natural brass

Why choose solid brass hardware?

Just like good leather, brass ages beautifully and develops a dark, matte finish over time. It can also be polished back to a shiny golden finish, not like other metal alloys that get permanently tarnished and even disintegrate with rust.

Solid brass hardware is definitely a premium choice for handcrafted leather goods.