Sharpening the French Edge Beveler

Here's a simple video on sharpening the French edge beveler using green polishing compound and leather scrap.



  • Rub a good amount of polishing compound on the suede side of a larger leather scrap
  • Hold your skiver like you normally would and position the blade end on top of the suede covered in compound
  • Pull the blade towards you, running your blade along the surface of the suede, lifting the butt of the skiver near the end of the run
  • Repeat this step several times.
  • Cut another crap piece of leather into a strip that’s the width of your skiving blade 
  • Glue it onto the edge of a larger piece of leather 
  • Cut to size
  • Rub the polishing compound on the suede of the strip
  • Hold your French skiver upside down and pull towards you, running the blade along the strip
  • Repeat this several times
  • Repeat the sharpening steps on the grain side of the leather 

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