FREE PATTERN 04: Simple Snap Wallet

Small projects such as this one is a great way to make something valuable out of scrap leather. In the video, the main material was discarded leather from another project. The leather was already stamped, so it was a matter of placing the pattern strategically so that the stamps could still work with the wallet design. 

Give the pattern a try, and save some of your leather scraps from the bin! First, download the pattern here. When you print the pattern, make sure that it's scaled to 100%. 





  1. Place the pattern on the leather, and trace around the edges using either a silver pen on an awl. 
  2. Pierce through the dots using an awl. 
  3. Cut along the edges. Use a 25c coin to create round corners. Use the half-round puncher 35mm to punch out a curve along the top edge of the wallet. This will make access to cards and bills easier. 
  4. Burnish the top edge using Tokonole and slicker. 
  5. You have the option to crease the edges. To crease is to add a border along the edges for a finer finish. Note that you can only use a manula creaser on veg-tanned leather. For other types of leather, an electric creaser is necessary.
  6. Stamping a pattern using decorative stamps is also an option. 
  7. Punch out the holes for the snaps using a 2mm hollow punch.
  8. Attach button snaps. 
  9. Using a divider caliper, create a stitch guide.
  10. Punch out stitching holes using a multi-prong puncher.
  11. Glue down the sides. Make sure the holes align as you fold. You can use needles to make sure the holes match up. 
  12. Reinforce the adhesive using a metal roller. 
  13. Secure the leather in a wooden clamp.
  14. Start saddle stitching the sides. 
  15. Burnish all around. 
  16. Finish off with leather balm.

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